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Asian Women's Shelter brings new hope to survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking.  We provide comprehensive services, including a 24-hour crisis line, shelter program, case management and access to health and legal services. At AWS, survivors and their children begin to heal and rebuild their lives.

Please join us! We need a wide network of resources and a community of activists and supporters. Together we can work to end violence and oppression in all of our communities. Read on in our Community Building section about how we can all help to build a world free from violence.

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  • Volunteer with us!


    Our volunteer and language advocate program is one of AWS' greatest strengths. AWS volunteers and language advocates support residents in so many ways: from providing one-on-one emotional support to interpretation in more formalized environments. Are you interested in getting involved? We'd love to have you!

    Read more about our volunteer & language advocate program here: j.mp/AWS2015Fall

    Apply for the Fall 2015 training here: j.mp/awsdvtraining



    Asian Women's Shelter stands alongside national domestic violence organizations to advocate for Nan-Hui Jo.Read More

  • AWS Awarded Blue Shield Against Violence Grant


    Blue Shield of California Foundation recognizes Asian Women's Shelter as a critical member of California's domestic violence field

    San Francisco, CA (August, 3 2015) - Blue Shield of California Foundation today announced a grant of $15,000 to Asian Women's Shelter to strengthen their capacity to provide critical services and shelter for survivors of domestic violence in the San Francisco Bay Area. These core operating funds offer the flexibility to respond to changes and challenges as they arise, so that vital community organizations like Asian Women's Shelter can continue to reach many of the most vulnerable Californians.

    "It is a privilege partner with and support California's network of domestic violence service providers, including Asian Women's Shelter" said Peter Long, Ph.D., president and CEO of Blue Shield of California Foundation. "Their role in the community is absolutely essential, and we are committed to ensuring they have the resources they need to continue serving domestic violence survivors and their families."

    The Foundation understands the importance of unrestricted core operating funds, which can help domestic violence agencies cover important organizational costs during a time when public resources remain scarce.

    "Asian Women's Shelter (AWS) is honored to receive this grant from the Blue Shield of California Foundation-honored to be recognized as providing essential services to enable survivors of domestic violence to enter a safe space with appropriate support services. We greatly appreciate the understanding on the part of BSCF that shelters depend on unrestricted funding to provide the full range of services. For AWS, this means that we have funds for individualized attention that makes our program unique."  Elizabeth Kirton, Executive Director

    This funding is part of a group of grants designed to empower California's domestic service providers and help them continue to make a difference in the lives of thousands of women, children, and families across the state.

  • A Million Lights: Celebrating 27 Years of AWS

    A Million Lights

    AWS's annual gala "A Million Lights: Celebrating 27 Years of AWS" is coming up on September 18th: Come celebrate with us! Early-bird ticket prices are available until August 18th. Click here to get yours.

    This is the one time each year that AWS gets to step out into the crowd and celebrate with you--loyal and visionary supporters of Asian Women's Shelter's mission and day-to-day work. Come see what your organization has been doing in the community this year!

    Join us on September 18th for delicious food, cultural dance performances, comedy (yes, at the AWS event), photo booth shenanigans with your friends and colleagues, raffle and silent auction fun, and guaranteed inspiration through our Champions of Change and survivor speaker.

    Why delay? Click here and get your early-bird tickets: Pricing and other logistics are included in the link.

    See you soon!